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Classroom training at Mutual is designed with the needs of the teenage driver in mind. Starting in April 2012Our comprehensive program meets for four full days from 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. and covers both the responsibilities and hazards of being a licensed driver in the State of Colorado.

Through lectures and films, students will learn that driving is not a right, but rather a privilege and a responsibility that they must be aware of each and every time they slide behind the wheel.

Colorado law allows students as young as 14 years 6 months to enroll in our classroom portion of drivers' education.

The State of Colorado reduced the age for an instruction permit to 15, if enrolled in drivers education. Without enrollment in drivers' education the permit can not be issued until age 16.
Behind the Wheel
Training at Mutual Driving School would not be complete without actual drive time for the students. Each student receives 6 hours of individual drive time with an instructor. (Three 2 hour drives.) Since no other students are in the car, this allows our skilled instructors to provide individualized, personal instruction for each student.

Most students will drive on one-way streets, downtown streets, freeways, as well as mountain driving during their 6 hours of instruction.

In addition to the behind the wheel training provided by Mutual Driving School, we strongly recommend that all students practice driving as much as possible on their own with a parent or guardian.
NEW LAWS FOR TEEN DRIVERS(effective April 23, 2007)
All Students Who Have Not Received Their Driving Permit Are Now Under This Mandate as of April 23, 2007. Read the summary about the bill here.
  • Registration hours
    • Monday through Friday, Noon - 5:00 PM
    • By phone 303-758-3575 or in person at 6446 East Hampden Ave. Denver, CO. 80222
    • We recommend registering in advance (by phone) to assure the student reserves their choice of classroom days.
  • Students can register on their first classroom day with space available, please call 303-758-3575 the day before.
  • A down payment of $225 is required at the time of registration.
  • We accept Check, Cash or Credit Card. Visa, MasterCard, Discover
Mutual Driving School is also approved to administer the Colorado State Driving test, and we will do so for a small fee. However, if we do not feel that the student has the necessary driving skills to pass the test, we will ask that they delay their testing.
At Mutual Driving School we believe that you will find our rates to be reasonable and competitive.
Teen Driver Education: 4 Full classroom days (in any order), 6 hours driving one-on-one with our instructors in our vehicles.

We offer a very flexible classroom schedule - The first day of a classroom set is referred to as module 1, the second day referred to as module 2, the third day referred to as module 3, and the fourth day of a classroom is referred to as module 4. Within a three month period the student needs to complete all 4 modules in any order that suites them.
Sibling Discount!Ask about our Sibling Discount!
Has a sibling already completed a class with us? If so, your next child to take a class with us is eligible to receive a $15 discount from the listed rate. All you need to do is mention this is a sibling of a previous Mutual graduate so we can confirm, and your discount will be applied immediately. It's just that easy!
Did you know...
Instruction permits for driving are easy to renew. If you do not feel that your son or daughter is ready to be licensed, renew their instruction permit and give them more time to become experienced behind the wheel.


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